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Hempstead Bumper Repair

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Sometimes, that curb can sneak up on you in a hurry! Scraping or scratching your bumper can be unappealing and you may even get some condescending stares after you park. With our bumper repair services in the Nassau County area, your car’s bumper can look as good as it did when it was brand new. AAAA Nassau Collision Repair has been helping customers for years. We have seen everything from bumpers that have scraped the curb to bumpers that were torn off during an accident; we are confident that you’ll love the work we do.


Choosing us for bumper repair services is a great choice.


  • You need a bumper. While you may think a bumper isn’t necessary, it protects many of the components of your vehicle including headlamps, grille, and more in the event of a low-speed accident. It’s also illegal in some states to drive without a front bumper.   

  • Having a professional work on your bumper will not only help your car look more aesthetically pleasing, it can add more value to the car. 

  • We have access to professional tools to help make your car look and work as good as new. 


No matter how tempting it may be, leave playing bumper cars at the local fairgrounds. In the event that you experience a broken or damaged bumper, choose AAAA Nassau Collision Repair. Stop in or give us a call today to learn more about our Hempstead bumper repair services!  

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